Linux Mint, now on my Acer Chromebook laptop

Years ago we bought the kids an Acer C710 Chromebook. I had installed another 2gb of RAM and the Chrubuntu OS on it immediately upon unpacking it, and, it served their needs. Move forward a few years and they needed more power and a machine that could play games, so the little Chromebook became just another memory. That is until this past week, when while looking at tablets (and not having the money to buy one), I decided to try and replace the Chromebook’s firmware with John Lewis’ version of SeaBIOS. With nothing to lose, I followed the instructions on John’s website and soon had a Chromebook laptop that booted with SeaBIOS but now had no operating system. So, I replaced the original hard drive with an SSD, booted from my Mint Live USB stick, and installed Linux Mint 18.1 on the machine. The entire process of converting the Chromebook was not overly complicated, and the final result is that I now have a laptop that boots straight into Linux Mint and performs remarkably well. I do want to note that I had one issue, Linux Mint did not recognize the built-in trackpad. I found that this was due to the needed kernel module i2c_i801 being blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf, once I commented out the module and rebooted, the trackpad worked as expected.



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